How a Tutor Can Find More Students

This short article will tell you how just 4 words, each starting with the letter P, can have a huge influence on the success or failure of your tutoring venture. Your ability to resolve these 4 words will determine whether you continuously have a hard time to discover new students or you have a waiting list of students.

You can find more students at a tuition agency singapore, but these 4 Ps are still as important.

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The “4 P’s” are aspects comprising exactly what is called the “marketing mix” a concept well-known by MBA’s and online marketers. The term “marketing mix” was created in 1953 by Neil Borden, and later, in 1960, E. Jerome McCarthy proposed a 4 P category which is widely known today for its capability to encapsulate the principle in a simple to remember name.

On the surface it may not be apparent how these four words apply to tutoring. Tutoring has to do with teaching after all, isn’t it? Tutoring is about teaching, but for independent tutor’s that’s just half of the story. Independent tutors are needed to wear numerous hats consisting of business person, secretary, accounting professional, and instructor. I’ll reveal you how the marketing mix applies to tutors, but first I’ll go over exactly what the marketing mix is.

The marketing mix is an idea that addresses each of the elements of marketing a product. The four P’s that comprise the marketing mix are: 1. Cost, 2. Item, 3. Place and 4. Promo. Each of these aspects plays an important function in the success of any profit-seeking endeavor and ought to be addressed by independent tutors as well.

Below is a breakdown of each word:


This is the price of the services or product you are offering. It’s up to you to decide how you wish to price your service. If you’re a tutor do you wish to charge $10/hour or $50/hour. The decision is up to you and the cost you choose will affect your success.


The item is exactly what services or product you are providing. As a tutor this includes what subject you are tutoring, but it likewise includes your level of education, your experience and anything else you give the table. Many of the product includes you provide are a direct result of decisions you make, therefore it is a good idea to assess this choice thoroughly.


Location describes distribution of your product or service. This not only describes a geographic area, but likewise consists of the distribution channel. For example, as a tutor you might choose to offer your tutoring services in only your city. Or you might choose to tutor to students all throughout your country by means of online tutoring.


Promo essentially refers to marketing and how you notify individuals about your services or product. There are hundreds of various methods to promote products and services and tutor’s can take advantage of making use of some methods that have been successfully executed by other tutors.

Start learning piano now!

To start discovering the piano lessons you ought to begin by getting yourself a piano or a keyboard if you don’t already have one.

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You can then continue to learn the names of the notes and to identify them on the piano keys. If you simply type “piano notes” into Google, you will certainly see lots of articles that will offer you the names of the notes. (A to G).

You need to then discover how to identify notes as they appear on manuscripts- you should discover the lines and spaces of the treble clef, and the lines and spaces of the bass clef.

Following this, you have a few options: you can go to U-tube and key in “piano basics”, you can check out piano articles that will give you the basic newbie understanding, or you can purchase a “teach yourself piano book”.

A good “teach yourself” piano book is called: “Alfred Teach Yourself Piano”.

You need to pay attention to clefs, names of notes and rests, values of notes and rests, time signatures etc

. Well the first thing you have to learn about piano is sheet music. You have to establish a strong learning of how to check out music, and how each note represents the vital child the piano.

You need to learn the keys on the piano. Standard stuff.

You have to look up which keeps in mind can be played by which fingers. Typically, beginners music will provide you numbers, here is exactly what they indicate.

They go from 1 to 5, starting on your thumb from right to left, for each separate hand. So on your right, your thumb is 1, tip finger 2, middle finger 3, and so on.

If you develop a strong sense of which finger goes where, you can begin to make little workouts on your own. Keep them easy, and repeat them, over and over once again. If you get it right a minimum of 6 times in a row, proceed to the next area.

Piano is among the simplest instruments to understand note sensible due to the fact that it is set out before you. It is easy to see half steps, entire steps and simply the number of notes you have to increase. All you have to do is count them.

About the music, right hand is the top, g clef, and the left hand is f clef, the bottom part (as seen on the music).